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Sugarcane Mulch
Email - enquiries@organicsugarcaneproducts.com.au
Sugarcane Mulch
Large Bales

Weight can vary from 200kgs
Size approx 3ft x 3ft x 5ft
Small Bales

Weight can vary from 13-15kgs
Size approx 2.9ft x 1.1ft x 1ft
Pick Up
If you are making a large pick up please call 0419642250. Otherwise feel free to drop by with your vehicle and pay on pick up. Pick up from Woongoolba.

Delivery cost depends on your location and how many bales you require.
Minimum 30 small bales or 4 large square bales. Please email for a quote.
Our sugarcane mulch is not spent or spoiled hay; it is made from the tops and leaves of sugarcane, which is green cane harvested for environmental protection.

  • Protects your garden from extreme temperatures
  • Great for sloped gardens as it prevents soil erosion.
  • Lasts longer then other mulch materials
  • Will brake down overtime and enrich the soil.
  • Encourages earthworm activity
  • Assist in controlling weeds
  • Improves moisture penetration and retention
  • Renewable and sustainable resources from sugarcane waste
  • Compressed in bales, easy for transport
  • Clean and easy to spread