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Sugar Cane Sticks
Contact us to make an order. Indicate quantity, and if you require delivery or pick up. Minimum 100kg quantity required

Pick up
We prefer the pick up option if local.
Pick up from Woongoolba.

Transport options are available

Packaging can vary depending on your needs. The sticks can be boxed or kept at a long length for pick up or delivery.
Fresh off the farm
            Grown specifically
                               High juice yield
Tastes delicious
           Quality Sugar Cane
                      Sticks Guaranteed

We supply fresh Sugarcane sticks for juicing all year round.

  • It is nutritious and refreshing and contains about 15% natural sugar
  • Rich in organic salts and vitamins.
  • Free from the chemicals or the growth hormones, as a result of which there is no possibility of its posing any harm to the body of the consumer.
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Large amounts of proteins
  • Energy booster containing glucose and electrolytes

  • Organic sugar cane juice is best served with ice to keep chilled and with a bit of fresh lime, ginger, lemon or orange.
Sugar Cane Sticks

Raw sugar cane juice is a refreshing healthy drink that has ten times less sugar than apple or orange juice. Cane juice is known for its ability to soothe a sore throat, fight off colds and flue, aid digestion, help cleanse the liver and boost the immune system.